Primer: Lethal Weapon

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Our Heroes.

After Mel got his accent under control.

Maybe Kyle just hates the idea of this because he wants Weezer to be the definitive commentary on Buddy Holly.

The Riker Sit is the ultimate power move in a meeting/conference situation.

Perhaps Burt’s most underrated work.

The Things They Carried.

The Killer Angels.

One Perfect Shot.

Air America.

Lethal Weapon: THE SONG

The Honeymoon Suite Playlist


PRIMER: Rambo: First Blood: Part 2: Vietnam the 2nd: Expendables: the Prequelables

The Trailer.

The First Blood trailer for the sake of comparison.

The Player, a trailer for our limited-series ‘cast, starring one-half of Strike Back, our Triumvirate Recommando-ation.

Blindspot, a trailer for our other limited series ‘cast, starring the other half of Strike Back.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl, starring Kyle’s favorite, JA RULE.

The First Blood speech.

The Rocky IV speech.

Ranier Wolfcastle’s stand-up.

DO NOT EVER DO THIS, Closing a Wound with Gunpowder, DO NOT EVER DO THIS.

The Hard Target Snake Scene.

How to do Action Comedy: Jackie Chan.

This franchise is dumb and you will never convince me otherwise.

BJ Penn clears three feet of water.

Charlie Wilson’s War trailer

FAN MAIL!!!! From Super Henchie Hugo:

So earlier today I was reminiscing about the glorious ‘Now You See Me Now You Bleed’ BIG MISTAKE and then remmenberd a video that me and a couple of friends did for a class on 12th grade. 

And said video is the closest thing to a filmed BIG MISTAKE that I’ve ever done and it’s sooooo bad. It was supposed to be a action film parody thingy but it ened up being just stupid and poorly made with aweful audio, bad acting (wich is in portuguese but I’m sure you’re fine with that. Right?) real bad editing, like between every cut there are a few frames of black sreen bad,lazy photoshoping and a shit load of copyrighted music.

And since you’re doing a Rambo movie next I felt like sharing with you the travesty that is ‘Zé Rambo’ 😀
Oh and in case you wondered I’m the guy the beard

Recommandos: Stuff We Like Think You Might Like – 



Climax’s Collective Girlfriend, Rhona Mitra, in Strike Back.

Nick’s Recommando: Star Force

Kyle’s Recommando: Wytches, American Vampire, the Fadeout

Matt’s Recommando: The Wicked + the Divine

And, finally, the truest sign of bro-hymnity, RAMBO DAY:

Primer – Commando

Welcome to the Season 1 Finale of CLIMAX!

Download the epic discussion of COMMANDO here, and as always, every episode of CLIMAX is available on the ExplosoMagico Network.

Commando Trailer

Russian Commando Remake


Den’ D, the Russian Remake’s Poster

The Commando Pepsi Challenge:



And this is how you get wanted for terrorism in the Ukraine.

David Patrick Kelly Through the Years:


The Warriors, 1979


Commando, 1985


John Wick, 2014

Bennett’s Fashion Corner:

bennett's outfit 01It really is a master-class in getting a bunch of thematic things, ‘tough’ in this case, and putting them together into something that is 100% not tough. Also, looking at this picture, Nick and Kyle were right, Bennett had the sub-machine gun on his person. Mea Culpa.
bennett's outfit 02He truly is ‘Frankenstein Freddie Mercury.’
freddie-mercury-anniversario-morteWhat a great man.
Freddie-freddie-mercuryIs it just me, or does Freddie look like if Bennett and Robert Z’Dar had a baby?

First Mad Max, then Arnold, and now, Vernon Wells vs. the Power Rangers

Respect the Gun Fingers.

golamco's wigThis is the wig game that Kyle must beat.


Here’s the Arnold interview via Nerdist.

The Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Omega

Episode is available here (right-click, Save As).

As always, all episodes of CLIMAX are available on the ExplosoMagico Network.

Episode Alpha and Alpha’s Primer.

Fast 4

Fast 5

Furious 6

“Wait, Riddick’s first name is RICHARD?”

The Unofficial Theme Song of Climax (and possibly our entire extended crew out here in LA)

Tego, one of the demolitions ‘experts,’ is huge in Latin hip-hop (possibly NSFW)

As is Don Omar. FUN FACT: this is the Official Theme Song of Kyle McVey

Yeah, no way this guy becomes an international superstar. The Rock looked in the mirror one day, made a choice, and it was the correct one.

Yeah, no way this guy becomes an international superstar. The Rock looked in the mirror one day, made a choice, and it was the correct one.

Because we have to:


Not a dry seat in the house.

When he was Mark Vincent and not Vin Diesel.

When he was Mark Vincent and not Vin Diesel.

The Toretto Family Rules:

  • You Keep What You Kill
  • No Second Trips
  • Grace
  • Adopt a White Boy
  • Ride or Die
  • Always Fight with the Biggest, Heaviest Thing You Can Find
  • You Don’t Go to Church, You Don’t Get Barbecue
  • You Don’t Turn Your Back on Family, Even When They Do
American Gladiators



Apparently Kim’s sister’s boyfriend’s twin. She’s obviously done well for herself, beefcake-wise.

Miss you everyday, P-Walks.

Take us home, playboy

Primer – The Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Alpha

Welcome to another senses-shattering milestone episode of CLIMAX: the Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Alpha, the first part of a special two-part action-heist-race epic. As always, every episode of CLIMAX is available on the ExplosoMagico Network. This episode can be found here.

From such humble beginnings:

‘Bring it on,’ indeed.

We get introduced to the extended family in the second installment

The movie also functions as a PhD thesis on how the West Coast is the Best Coast.

Finally we journey to the Land of the Rising Sun to meet the coolest character in the entire franchise:

Best friends with Han? Not bad for a gaijin. Roll Damn Tide.

Nick claims that Lucas Black’s doppelganger is Waldo from Black Mirror.
waldo-szczecin-pacynkalucas black smilewaldo-600x399lucas black bloodwaldoIs Nick crazy? Probably.

The webseries that changed Kyle’s life forever.

Which was also produced by Tyrese.

A little bit of Luda, starting with Matt’s favorite.

Kyle’s favorite that he can’t listen to in public (because: slavery [also, NSFW])

What you must bump when you’re cruising Green River Road in E-ville.

Rest In Power, P-Walks.

We’ll see you soon for Part Two, the Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: OMEGA.

Episode 09: BLADE – Primer

The episode is available here, and all episodes can be found at the ExplosoMagico Network.

Ground Zero for the rise of the Superhero genre, the missing link between action and comic book, BLADE.

Arguably Stephen Dorff’s second greatest role: ROLLIN’

As of this writing, that video has 35 million views. We are a broken and doomed race.


Tim Drake as Red Robin, complete with his X-Force pouches.

red hood

Jason Todd as the Red Hood. Honestly, neither’s a great a costume.

onion tower


original blade

OG Blade. Yes, that is a wooden knife.

Oh, look, Blade anime clips (Bladime), and, surprising no one, it’s terrible.

A little taste of the Kris Kristofferson episode of Drunk History

Oh, that weird, uncomfortable couple of minutes where we discuss the weird Blade’s mom’s attraction to him? Here’s some reading for you. My advice to you is not to read it.

All in all, a fine episode of internet radio.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Die Hard Primer

Welcome to your EPISODE 6: DIE HARD Prep Post.

The ‘Cast itself is located HERE exclusively on the Explosomagico Network.

God, what a great trailer.

Here’s some supplementary material to enhance your listening experience:

John McTiernan’s Legal Troubles.

John McTiernan Goes to Jail.

Return of the King.


When we were kings.


The woman Bruce Willis had to leave to become John McClane:


America’s Sweethearts:


Some Bonus ACTING:


Here’s the video we used to try and calibrate our Alan Rickman impressions. They were each a unique and glorious failure:

Some BIG MISTAKE love, the stars of THROWDOWN:


Finally, because we love you, here’s a montage of Bruce Willis singing on ‘Moonlighting.’

and Robert Davi singing Sinatra:

Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace Primer

Episode is available here. Past episodes and sister podcasts are available at the ExplosoMagico Network.

Why not get ready with a Vesper Martini? Note: for the ‘parts’ we just used a shot glass as measurement.

3 Parts Gordon’s Gin
1 Part Vodka
1/2 Part Kina Lillet
Shake with ice
Garnish with Lemon Peel

Or the inverted one from Esquire, which has become the OFFICIAL DRINK OF CLIMAX, which we have christened the ‘Eva Green?”

3 Parts Vodka
1 Part Gordon’s Gin
1/2 Part Kina Lillet
Stir with ice
Garnish with Lemon Peel

The trailers for ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Solace:’

And because we couldn’t play them during the show, the theme songs:


Bond creator Ian Fleming in his youth:


“Ine Flyming, don’t you see?”

And towards the end of his life:


Died of heart disease, you say?

Hoagy Carmichael, the original physical inspiration for Bond in the novels:



Using the descriptions from the novels, a bit of Carmichael, and a dash of Fleming, an official illustration:


And another by comic artists, Mike Grell:

Have some Caterina Murino!


imageA little something for the ladies and the dudes for dudes:


Gemma Arterton:


Olga Kurylenko:


Okay, Eva, we’ll spend a little time with you:
eva green headshotGood Lord, this woman,

imageClick here to download the amazing Dead Authors Podcast where Paul F. Tompkins’s H.G. Wells and Matt Gourley’s Ian Fleming go head-to-head.