BIG MISTAKE Poll – Season 001

Here it is, at long last, the poll for Season 1’s BIG MISTAKE Contest.

As always, CLIMAX is available only on the ExplosoMagico Network.

Download the BIG MISTAKE SUPERCUT here, and after three weeks of voting, the winning entry will get a full script written and released online and, eventually, a readthrough, which will be recorded for your listening pleasure.


Die Hard Primer

Welcome to your EPISODE 6: DIE HARD Prep Post.

The ‘Cast itself is located HERE¬†exclusively on the Explosomagico Network.

God, what a great trailer.

Here’s some supplementary material to enhance your listening experience:

John McTiernan’s Legal Troubles.

John McTiernan Goes to Jail.

Return of the King.


When we were kings.


The woman Bruce Willis had to leave to become John McClane:


America’s Sweethearts:


Some Bonus ACTING:


Here’s the video we used to try and calibrate our Alan Rickman impressions. They were each a unique and glorious failure:

Some BIG MISTAKE love, the stars of THROWDOWN:


Finally, because we love you, here’s a montage of Bruce Willis singing on ‘Moonlighting.’

and Robert Davi singing Sinatra:

Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace Primer

Episode is available here. Past episodes and sister podcasts are available at the ExplosoMagico Network.

Why not get ready with a Vesper Martini? Note: for the ‘parts’ we just used a shot glass as measurement.

3 Parts Gordon’s Gin
1 Part Vodka
1/2 Part Kina Lillet
Shake with ice
Garnish with Lemon Peel

Or the inverted one from Esquire, which has become the OFFICIAL DRINK OF CLIMAX, which we have christened the ‘Eva Green?”

3 Parts Vodka
1 Part Gordon’s Gin
1/2 Part Kina Lillet
Stir with ice
Garnish with Lemon Peel

The trailers for ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Solace:’

And because we couldn’t play them during the show, the theme songs:


Bond creator Ian Fleming in his youth:


“Ine Flyming, don’t you see?”

And towards the end of his life:


Died of heart disease, you say?

Hoagy Carmichael, the original physical inspiration for Bond in the novels:



Using the descriptions from the novels, a bit of Carmichael, and a dash of Fleming, an official illustration:


And another by comic artists, Mike Grell:

Have some Caterina Murino!


imageA little something for the ladies and the dudes for dudes:


Gemma Arterton:


Olga Kurylenko:


Okay, Eva, we’ll spend a little time with you:
eva green headshotGood Lord, this woman,

imageClick here to download the amazing Dead Authors Podcast where Paul F. Tompkins’s H.G. Wells and Matt Gourley’s Ian Fleming go head-to-head.

Tango & Cash Primer

Episode 8 has arrived!

As always this podcast and all of your second favorites can be found on the ExplosoMagico Network

One of the greatest trailers ever cut:

And here is the man who haunts Kyle McVey, Mr. Robert Z’Dar:


Z’Dar at the height of his powers.


The King of the Prison



And our first ever fan-made Big Mistake is accompanied by our first-ever fan art both submitted by Chantit Simma.


Our First-Ever Fan Art. Amazing….granted it’s art for his own thing, but hey, we can’t all be Paranoia Shoppe.