Die Hard Primer

Welcome to your EPISODE 6: DIE HARD Prep Post.

The ‘Cast itself is located HERE exclusively on the Explosomagico Network.

God, what a great trailer.

Here’s some supplementary material to enhance your listening experience:

John McTiernan’s Legal Troubles.

John McTiernan Goes to Jail.

Return of the King.


When we were kings.


The woman Bruce Willis had to leave to become John McClane:


America’s Sweethearts:


Some Bonus ACTING:


Here’s the video we used to try and calibrate our Alan Rickman impressions. They were each a unique and glorious failure:

Some BIG MISTAKE love, the stars of THROWDOWN:


Finally, because we love you, here’s a montage of Bruce Willis singing on ‘Moonlighting.’

and Robert Davi singing Sinatra:


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