Primer – The Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Alpha

Welcome to another senses-shattering milestone episode of CLIMAX: the Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Alpha, the first part of a special two-part action-heist-race epic. As always, every episode of CLIMAX is available on the ExplosoMagico Network. This episode can be found here.

From such humble beginnings:

‘Bring it on,’ indeed.

We get introduced to the extended family in the second installment

The movie also functions as a PhD thesis on how the West Coast is the Best Coast.

Finally we journey to the Land of the Rising Sun to meet the coolest character in the entire franchise:

Best friends with Han? Not bad for a gaijin. Roll Damn Tide.

Nick claims that Lucas Black’s doppelganger is Waldo from Black Mirror.
waldo-szczecin-pacynkalucas black smilewaldo-600x399lucas black bloodwaldoIs Nick crazy? Probably.

The webseries that changed Kyle’s life forever.

Which was also produced by Tyrese.

A little bit of Luda, starting with Matt’s favorite.

Kyle’s favorite that he can’t listen to in public (because: slavery [also, NSFW])

What you must bump when you’re cruising Green River Road in E-ville.

Rest In Power, P-Walks.

We’ll see you soon for Part Two, the Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: OMEGA.


Episode 09: BLADE – Primer

The episode is available here, and all episodes can be found at the ExplosoMagico Network.

Ground Zero for the rise of the Superhero genre, the missing link between action and comic book, BLADE.

Arguably Stephen Dorff’s second greatest role: ROLLIN’

As of this writing, that video has 35 million views. We are a broken and doomed race.


Tim Drake as Red Robin, complete with his X-Force pouches.

red hood

Jason Todd as the Red Hood. Honestly, neither’s a great a costume.

onion tower


original blade

OG Blade. Yes, that is a wooden knife.

Oh, look, Blade anime clips (Bladime), and, surprising no one, it’s terrible.

A little taste of the Kris Kristofferson episode of Drunk History

Oh, that weird, uncomfortable couple of minutes where we discuss the weird Blade’s mom’s attraction to him? Here’s some reading for you. My advice to you is not to read it.

All in all, a fine episode of internet radio.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.