Primer – The Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Alpha

Welcome to another senses-shattering milestone episode of CLIMAX: the Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: Alpha, the first part of a special two-part action-heist-race epic. As always, every episode of CLIMAX is available on the ExplosoMagico Network. This episode can be found here.

From such humble beginnings:

‘Bring it on,’ indeed.

We get introduced to the extended family in the second installment

The movie also functions as a PhD thesis on how the West Coast is the Best Coast.

Finally we journey to the Land of the Rising Sun to meet the coolest character in the entire franchise:

Best friends with Han? Not bad for a gaijin. Roll Damn Tide.

Nick claims that Lucas Black’s doppelganger is Waldo from Black Mirror.
waldo-szczecin-pacynkalucas black smilewaldo-600x399lucas black bloodwaldoIs Nick crazy? Probably.

The webseries that changed Kyle’s life forever.

Which was also produced by Tyrese.

A little bit of Luda, starting with Matt’s favorite.

Kyle’s favorite that he can’t listen to in public (because: slavery [also, NSFW])

What you must bump when you’re cruising Green River Road in E-ville.

Rest In Power, P-Walks.

We’ll see you soon for Part Two, the Fast and the Furious Ultrasode: OMEGA.


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