PRIMER: Rambo: First Blood: Part 2: Vietnam the 2nd: Expendables: the Prequelables

The Trailer.

The First Blood trailer for the sake of comparison.

The Player, a trailer for our limited-series ‘cast, starring one-half of Strike Back, our Triumvirate Recommando-ation.

Blindspot, a trailer for our other limited series ‘cast, starring the other half of Strike Back.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl, starring Kyle’s favorite, JA RULE.

The First Blood speech.

The Rocky IV speech.

Ranier Wolfcastle’s stand-up.

DO NOT EVER DO THIS, Closing a Wound with Gunpowder, DO NOT EVER DO THIS.

The Hard Target Snake Scene.

How to do Action Comedy: Jackie Chan.

This franchise is dumb and you will never convince me otherwise.

BJ Penn clears three feet of water.

Charlie Wilson’s War trailer

FAN MAIL!!!! From Super Henchie Hugo:

So earlier today I was reminiscing about the glorious ‘Now You See Me Now You Bleed’ BIG MISTAKE and then remmenberd a video that me and a couple of friends did for a class on 12th grade. 

And said video is the closest thing to a filmed BIG MISTAKE that I’ve ever done and it’s sooooo bad. It was supposed to be a action film parody thingy but it ened up being just stupid and poorly made with aweful audio, bad acting (wich is in portuguese but I’m sure you’re fine with that. Right?) real bad editing, like between every cut there are a few frames of black sreen bad,lazy photoshoping and a shit load of copyrighted music.

And since you’re doing a Rambo movie next I felt like sharing with you the travesty that is ‘Zé Rambo’ 😀
Oh and in case you wondered I’m the guy the beard

Recommandos: Stuff We Like Think You Might Like – 



Climax’s Collective Girlfriend, Rhona Mitra, in Strike Back.

Nick’s Recommando: Star Force

Kyle’s Recommando: Wytches, American Vampire, the Fadeout

Matt’s Recommando: The Wicked + the Divine

And, finally, the truest sign of bro-hymnity, RAMBO DAY:


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